Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston, 1976.

chloë sevigny and harmony korine by matt jones for i-d, february 2001

Baby Kate shows us how to be cool. [via Tumblr]

Cool jumpsuit on Paul Newman (with Clint Eastwood).

It’s a simple question, doctor.

Man, goats just don’t give a fuck.

Chloë Sevigny & Jason Dill for Supreme x Comme des Garçons

so if this was me..
i would be cool

Infinite capacity for love in the smallest detail; infinite suffering in the innermost reality; large mind in even the dumbest, mutest object; destiny in an object that stands still; heart in the middle of the gray, motionless water; the largest sadness in the world in a groaning buoy; in a buoy and the bird overhead, huge sadness, and yet I hop from place to place as though I’m weightless. —Dan Chiasson, from “Where’s the Moon, There’s the Moon (A Story for Children)”Art Credit Eugenia Loli